• Imagination ... Creativity ... Concentration ... and etc....

    It tooked me a while to ... please read the title again ...

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    Was sehst Du

    What do you see?

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  • Bad Zwesten Events

    One Saturday of July 2009

    Bad Zwesten Rockt .... please take a look ....:


    For the photo sequence of the Rock and Roll .... please go to the links below:

    One Sunday of July 2009

    Bad Zwesten Celebrated the "45th Lichterfest" .... please take a look ...:

    Bad Zwesten LichterfestIndayLeticiaPhotosBadZwestenLichterfest20091Bad Zwesten Lichterfest4

    for more photos of the Lichterfest (

    .... and some highlights of the day ....


    New links ...: .... wish you happy looking at it


    For the photo sequence of the Highlights .... please go to the link below:

    Wish you are enjoying the look at it

  • Screaming Guitarsound

    Have heard and seen it .... please take a look ...:

    IndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest16IndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest42aIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest17aIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest42abIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest17abIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest42abcIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest42abcdIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest17abcIndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest20ab

    IndayLeticiaPhotosMother\'s Finest17abcd

    Yes, you can see it!

    The only thing that I can say is .... "What a Voice" .... "what a gift!"

    Wanna hear and see them with their "Liveshow" ? .... They were Great!

    Wish you enjoyed the photos.

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  • ENCORE! For "Herzberg Blues Allstars" At "Burg Herzberg Festival" 2009, Germany

    My First Back Stage Coverage of a Music Festival in Hessen, Germany .... an Encore for "Herzberg Blues Allstars" as the Final Show of the Festival .... please take a look .... :

    PART I


    They were great!

    Heard and Know Them ! ?

    For other photos of the event .... please go to the links below:

    Wish you enjoy it !

  • Sharing In The Pool Of The Park In Bad Zwesten

    Swan and Fish Shares


    My share for the thoughts and the eyes


    The She Duck and the Fish


    So as the sharing of the Sunset and the Plants


    May We All Share What We Can.

  • Action Days

    To start it with Grace


    .... then with a gymnastic


    .... a splashhh in the water


    for the flying of the wings


    The wings of flying ....

    For other actions on video please go to the links below:

    Wish you will enjoy it!

  • Fish


    The park is to be enjoyed with them .... specially during sunny days.

  • Let Us Talk About The Time >>>>

    Let Us Talk About The Time >>>>

    Let us talk about „TIME“
    It is time to talk about the different types of time!
    I the counted time of HOURS
    II the uncountable time of LIFE
    III the unexpected time of the TRUTH
    IV the time, TO THINK IT OVER
    about the road heading to the time,
    that is bound for us TO BE DONE!

    Let me count the time table of the uncountable TIME:

    To be Born
    To be a Baby
    To be a Child
    To be a Teenager
    To be an Adult
    To be Matured
    To be a Parent
    To be a Grandparent

    Then … the unexpected time of the TRUTH
    To be Dead

    What have I done during those time?
    I repeat:

    The time to be born
    The time to be a baby
    The time to be a child
    The time to be a teenager
    The time to be an adult
    The time to be called matured
    For the time to be a parent …

    This is the present time where I am in …
    The time that I am a parent … then … this is the time …
    I started to asked the following questions:
    What am I doing?
    For my children …
    For me …
    For my family and friends… and for the world …
    What sense does it make?

    Again … I repeat:

    The time I was born
    The time I was a child
    The time I was a teenager
    The time I was an adult
    The time I was getting matured
    The time I am a parent
    The time to get ready to be a grandparent...

    It is a time for me to ask the following questions:
    Am I happy?
    Am I healthy?
    Am I poor or rich? (I don’t count the material world in this question)
    Am I doing what I should /shall do?
    Do I know what I am suppose to do …
    should / shall do, as a grandparent?

    Then … it is the time of the TRUTH!
    My time of Birth
    My time of being a Child
    My time of being a Teenager
    My time of Adulthood
    My time of Maturity
    My Parenthood time

    It is the time to prepare for the STONE of one’s LIFE
    To know how to walk to the road of no return …
    To the road of EXAMPLE for the following time of another LIVES!
    To say “yes” to the truth of the time of Death!

    What is the truth of my life?
    How can I reach the road of this truth?
    … and … only time can answer … in my Time To Come…again …
    The End … to the so called Death!

  • A Fact Of Life ... All Extremes Kills!

    A Fact Of Life ... All Extremes Kills!

    Blogosphere is a genius work and a very great idea to creating a world of inspiration for those who wants to participate the progress of Science World … it is an enormous progress of the cyberspace which … is a very high rated achievement of our life of today and … it is a fact that in every reality … there is a positive and negative points of views.

    Commercialism is a need … It is a reality of life ever since time immemorial … It enhances progress of life style and standard to it’s fullest … It is one of the essential factor of life’s reality to move on … which is very important to support the material growth of all fields … that sometimes … in the phase of excesses … uncontrollably leads to it’s ruin.

    The last question put by LovetoLead today … Is Commercialism Killing The Blogosphere?

    If it is not put to a proper plan and targets of Business Implementations … Yes … it will … is my clear answer … for the reason that … it will hinder a lot of creativity … which is the most important factor or essence in this type of world.

    Let me give a part of an idea … The combination of all these realities will help save both excesses … Let Inspiration Be Free … Manage the Business with the freedom of choice using the guideline of the Nature of Moral of Right and Wrong … that will bring satisfaction to the both sides of these both world. To put it short … get the solution for the problem of: “All extremes kills!” and of course ... I know ... It is tough!

  • Immigration + Nationality = Who am I ? Identity crisis

    Immigration + Nationality = Who am I ? Identity crisis

    Is immigration destroying national identity?

    A topic and a question that is playing a serious Global role in our World of today.

    Let me contribute an answer in an equation form:

    * Immigration + Nationality

    * Carried by:
    * Who am I ? + Identification card + Identity crisis

    * Is equals to (=)
    * Individual growth and Human growth + World’s growth

    There are four (4) very important factors to be considered to (in an) Immigration process which is enumerated as follows:

    * Parents and or Family background
    * Environmental and or Friends and Associates
    * Private and or Personal Ambitions
    * Good Luck and or Fate - which also links to the three (3) factors stated above.

    These four factors is divided into (2) functional categories:

    First Category - includes number 1,2, and number 4 factors … the parental and environmental background … meaning: (group of people or individuals with connections and networks and or good luck and or Fate). These migrants belongs to an organized and well planned Agenda and lifestyle. It happened and or functioned in a higher academic educational strata and or level of and for business and or professional and or social developments.

    Second Category - includes number 3 and number 4 factors … the private and or personal ambitions of people and or individual … meaning: (people or individual who works and or drive for achievement and or struggle for a better way of life or living carried by an inspiration like “the grass is greener in the other side of the fence” as one of those inspirational thoughts and or reasons to carry on, and or the road to good luck and or Fate). Migrants in these category strive for life and or whatever reasons that varies from different lifestyle and surroundings. There are stories that happened in these adventure category that is usually unplanned, unforeseen and in an unexpected events of lives.

    Therefore, National identity cannot be destroyed … it can be educated and broadened it’s sphere and horizons … it can be assisted and inspired for growth and development.

    The changes and developments that influences the educational process of an individual’s identity, depends upon the parental guidance and upbringing that a person or individual is gifted off … considering his race, culture and traditions, religion, mentalities, languages, characters and his personality.

    Immigration does not destroy a National identity … it enhances the growth of people and the world.

    Let me form a verbal equation of Immigration growth:

    * Individual and or people in need or in crisis + A Nation’s abundance and or needs and or crisis, will result to Immigration process.
    * It will activate solution making and problem solving using the human factors like: mental and or intelligence, spiritual and or inspirational, social and or governmental services, private and or public business institutions, forming agreements of interactions and responsibilities between individuals and or people and or offices for their capacities and capabilities.
    * A two way basis of communication is formed in immigration for cooperation of growth and development.

    Hence, the following factors should be taken into a very serious manner of consideration:

    * Honesty to oneself as an individual + Contribution to the Nation is = to Multi-cultural lives.
    * No matter where we are, who we are, our National race is our Individual identity.
    * No matter what Nation we belong, we owe to carry all the effects and responsibilities for our Own actions or doings.
    * Multiplication of multi-cultural lives is equals to multi-cultural world, which is the result of the evolution of Immigration.

    I GO for the TRUTH and for an OPEN WORLD !

  • THANK YOU Nithyajeejo !

    Hi Mam,
    No bells to ring
    No greeting cards to send
    No sweet flowers for u
    No decorative words
    No artificial sentences
    No formalities
    Deep from my heart

    wish you memorable birthday.
    witl luv

    (please let me share a nice thought of this young Girl)

    I think the literal meaning of work depends from persons. For some it is a souce of living. For some others it is a means of entertainment or a source of enjoyment. For others it is service to the needy or to bring light for the lives in darknesss.
    If we take the example of a peasant, He works in rain and sun to earn bread for his family. He has no other aim but to earn a living. Some others found pleasure and enjoyment in what they do. So they comes to this field. For some others, it is service to the world by yielding the harvest.
    My parents belongs to the first type. They are working to meet their family expenses. But I would like to work for my society than earning. I know money is important But providing help to the needy ones is much more important than anything else.
    For me, Life is like an ocean. Unable to see the other end. And we are sailing in a boat of pleasures and miseries. A cyclone, or a tsunami anything can happen in between. But the greatest work is to have confidence to face all those obstacles and to break the barriers before me and to sail this boat safely to the other end.
    This is what work meant for me.
    What about u ?Is it a souce of living or a means of enjoyment or Service to the society?
    By Nitya

    For you Nitya,

    Good morningyellow



    Please look at my day for you .... :

    Thank you blue2pink .... good luck for you :)


    A look at going to the Beach for you brokendownangel :) isn't it lovely :?: and thank you!


    A lovely rose for you Jane :) and thank you!


    Thank You Isadora! .... thought of giving you a look at the green and the blue sky :)


    Another blu sky for you loving Skip :) .... Thank You for your wonderful friendship!


    .... thought of giving Everyone a Rose in lachs ....


    For the best of Friend full of inspirational words .... "an ORB and the lighted green for you Johnny" :) Thank you for your wonderful inspirations! and Literatures :)

    ORB for LJ

    For anotherbadpenny .... how about a walk in the park :?: :wave:

    morning walk

    For all my Friends .... Thank You! and a white rose for YOU!


  • He ... She ... It

    The wonder of the Transformation :!: :?:


    As to my observation the ducks are making some interesting transformations .... Is this the nature's wonder of the third sex :!: :?:

    What studies are or had have been made in this facts :!: :?: :roll:

  • We Go Spalshhhhhh


    Fun is it ....

    and more


    I love it!

  • A Local Campaign For The European Election

    Fresh and New .... News ....

    Europe Election CampaignEurope Election Campaign1Europe Election Campaign3Europe Election Campaign4Europe Election Campaign5Europe Election Campaign6Europe Election Campaign7Europe Election Campaign8Europe Election Campaign9

    Some local Politicians were also present for the interactions .... please take a look:

    Europe Election Campaign11Europe Election Campaign12Europe Election Campaign14

    Some of the Local Politicians were around for the interactions and the Class 12th Students  of Political Science of the CJD, Germany, were the hosts of the said Campaign.

    It was a very interesting  actions of the Youth to join in the growth of our European Political Affairs.

    More Power for Our Future :!:

    Together we Survive .... isn't it :!: :?:

  • What Bird Is This?


    Tried to look around to specify it but, I have no idea.

  • A Dove (No.1034) Visited The Park Of Bad Zwesten


    For other New developments of my blogging and others .... please go to the links below:

  • One Sunny Day In The Park

    Sitting in the park ....

    .... viewing ....

    The children looking at the movements in the water ....

    .... the joy of the children


    It was a nice sunny day

  • A Blog For LostJohnny

    Went to my archieve and found the following captures .... please take a look:


    .... as you know .... am a blind photographer coz capturing without my eyeglasses .... find these very interesting to have thoughts about :) .... what do you think?

  • Another View Of Nature

    It looks like a vision check for me .... please take a look:


    What do you think? and do you see anything?


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